Obsidian Edge MOD - Patch v1.1 veröffentlicht

Seit der letzten Version der MOD hat sich einiges getan. Es wurden u.a. neue Waffen zugefügt, Fehler behoben und eine Erweiterung names "FireFight" zugefügt. Diese ermöglicht es euch die Map mp_tank_oe im KoOp Modus gegen Bots zu spielen. Lest das komplette ChangeLog (in Englisch) durch klicken auf den "Mehr..." Link dieses Artikels.

Download Obsidian Edge - Patch v1.1
Obsidian Edge MOD Homepage Release build 1.1.038 is a PATCH BUILD and MUST be installed over Release 1.0.

Changes / fixes include:


# New Ready-Up Mechanism - Players will be required to ready up before they can run around on a map.
# VIP changes - No more helmets on VIP's, and they now get a silenced MP5-SD.
# Domination flags will now show on the map, including showing which team holds the flag.
# Class Kit Loadouts have changed with additional weapons.
# Downloaded maps can have commandmap textures included for use in game.

Existing Weapon Changes

# MP5-SD changes - Tracers are now turned off on the MP5-SD.
# Rockets and GL's have a similar inaccuracy to firing bullets, including the effect that firing while moving makes accuracy worse.
# Non-scoped zoom of M4 reduced to more realistic.
# New M82A3 sniper shot drops player out of zoom due to fifty-caliber recoil.
# Additional weapon balancing tweaks on damage & accuracy to accomodate new weapons.

Five New Weapons

# MP5-Navy (unsupressed)
# Mk.23 (replaces existing Falcon in class-based MP)
# M92FS
# M82A3 (replaces existing AW-50 sniper rifle)

Bug Fixes

# Map Download Progress Messages fixed. Download now works.
# Assault respawn bug due to repeating the map fixed.
# Enemy names no longer show in crosshair for FFA games.
# Assorted Map Fixes:

* Ghostown (Framerates)
* Cliffside (Domination Flags)
* Swamp Airfield (VIP mission)
* Bridges Day (Viewdistance adjusted)
* Caves (Domination Flags)
* Bridges (Lighting back to original darkness)
* Freighter (Missing Spawns)
* Hangars (Ladder)

Misc. Changes

# A non-supported Beta of the "FireFight" Co-op gametype is included (Not fully functional due to C++ AI issues, play at own risk - Only mp_tank_oe). A fully functional version of this gameplay style is now targeted for OE2.