City Models Pack & New Tree Pack released!

For all of you who ever wanted to create a complete city Clivey has put together two individual packs of all the models he created for Far Cry. They are called the "City Pack" and "Graveyard Pack" and are 16MB and 10MB in size. Both packs include next to many buildings, roads, signs and subways also skyscrapers and graveyard objects (with new rebuildable iron gates for engineers) for the spooky moments in Far Cry. Of course all models are textured and ready to go in CGF format. All you need to do is to put those files in your map. A complete feature list can be found here:

If you don't want to leave out green vegetation you can use the new "Quiddich Treepack" from Ursula. Originally made just for fun it includes 4 nice looking fir trees which can be used for a non-tropical look of your map. The 370KB sized download can be found further below.

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