New Singleplayer Maps in development

Already two new singleplayer experiences are getting released soon! One is "SP_Coast" from FraggerMT, where Jack has to fight an oasis in the depths of australia. There he will face a secret base and lots of action and tension. The story begins right after the end of Far Cry. A storm over the ocean seperates Jack and Valerie from each other, the boat is getting destroyed and the player awakes left alone at the coast of australia. At the latest by this summer you can search for Valerie. Till then you can have a look at the 20MB sized and very impressive trailer!

The second map is "Devils's Coast v2.0" and is created by Bold_One_. Based on the campaign levels of Far Cry it should perfectly fit into the whole Far Cry ambient. New audio files, a tense mission and lots of action let only imagine what the player can expect. Of course there is a 4MB sized teaser as well showing the beauty of the map!

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Devil's Coast v2.0
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