Obsidian Edge: Domination Custom Map Pack

Source: CryMod.com
The patch 1.1 of the well known "Obsidian Edge Mod" is still in development, but the community wanted to have some new content to play with. So three big fans of the mod decided to create a Domination Custom Map Pack. Due to the mods' awesome customizability every designer can create a unique gameplay experience based on the strutcure and style of the map. The basic style of the 13 included maps is called single-flag Domination and is similar to King-Of-The-Hill, but also the classic Last Man Standing mode has been added. Contrary to the standard OE maps which are quite big, the guys attended to keep all maps small for fast action from one-on-one to eight-on-eight gameplay. This offers a whole new dimension of furios action and tension to the Far Cry/Obsidian Edge experience. The pack is about 50MB in size and absolutely worth a download!

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