Tournament MapPack v1.3.1 released

Because of the ClanBase Fall Cup and lots of feedback we received about the "Tournament MapPack 1.3" we decided to release an update for it. A lot of clans appreciated the new mp_to_ruins, but also a lot of them weren't pretty happy about the changes we have done. So we included the old version as mp_to_ruins from the mappack 1.2 and also the new version which is now named mp_to_ruins_v2. Furthermore several bug fixes have been done which improve the gameplay even more. A complete changelog can be found further below. As usual we created 2 installers. One is the 160MB sized update from 1.3 to 1.3.1. The other one is a full 1.3.1 version including all maps from 1.3 and 1.2 with 290MB in size.

  • added original v1.2 mp_to_ruins to the pack
  • renamed new mp_to_ruins from v1.3 to mp_to_ruins_v2 (this map includes the new sniper position at capture point 1)
  • mp_to_jungle: removed built-on wall
  • mp_to_ruins: removed flag bug & hut bug, closed gap between invisible walls
  • mp_to_ruins_v2: lightmaps recompiled
  • mp_to_timewar: fixed not working catapult in front of the fort, replaced some vegetation
  • added original v1.2 mp_to_ruins to the pack
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