Check out Tournament MapPack v1.3

20 Maps - chosen carefully - FFA/TDM and Assault modes - created in corporation with [00]-Clan - given the name "Tournament MapPack v1.3".

Finally it is out, the new version of our map pack for tournaments. Next to numerous bugfixes, improvements and gameplay optimizations also 4 new maps are introduced. Thereby it is about two FFA/TDM maps created in temple style on a small island and two Assault maps. One is a reworked version of the popular mp_Jungle including some balancing changes like replacing the 1st flag. The other one is new and comes along with a lot of innovative ideas which guarantees diversive matches. Overall 2 different versions of the mappack are available. The first one is a 180MB sized update from v1.2 to v1.3 which only includes the new and updated maps. The second one is a 260MB sized full version 1.3 which includes the new and updated maps as well as the old ones of v1.2. Currently the [00]-Clan is hosting a server with the Assault maps and the TDM maps can be played on a dedicated server hosted by Crytek. Have fun and enjoy the new pack! The changelog can be found here:

  • mp_to_00arena: gameplay improvements
  • mp_to_cargo: several gameplay improvements
  • mp_to_enrage: not physicalized bottom on buildable minigun at first capture point replaced
  • mp_to_facility: several bugs fixed
  • mp_to_railyard: fixed crashbug that appears after a few minutes playing the map, optic improved
  • mp_to_ruins: gameplay improvements
  • mp_to_swamp: gameplay improvements
  • mp_to_vulcan: fixed wiggly screen after player falls down into the deatharea
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  • mp_to_00arena (TDM)
  • mp_to_afri (FFA/TDM) *new*
  • mp_to_basecamp (FFA/TDM)
  • mp_to_cry (FFA/TDM)
  • mp_to_ground0 (FFA/TDM)
  • mp_to_monkey (FFA/TDM) *new*
  • mp_to_trade (FFA/TDM)
  • mp_to_railyard (FFA/TDM)
  • mp_to_vulcan (FFA/TDM)
  • mp_to_warhead (FFA/TDM)
  • mp_to_cargo (ASSAULT)
  • mp_to_enrage (ASSAULT)
  • mp_to_facility (ASSAULT)
  • mp_to_fortress (ASSAULT)
  • mp_to_jungle (ASSAULT) *new*
  • mp_to_minetrip (ASSAULT)
  • mp_to_ruins (ASSAULT)
  • mp_to_swamp (ASSAULT)
  • mp_to_tactic (ASSAULT)
  • mp_to_timewar (ASSAULT) *new*
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