Unofficial Far Cry Custom MapPack #3 released

Since a few hours the new "Unofficial Far Cry Custom MapPack #3" is available for download. Under the lead of L3d_Zep and Destroyer the pack has been created and includes 14 Assault and FFA Maps. All Maps have been chosen wisely and were tested for gameplay very intensively. Among them you also can find gems like mp_hightide or mp_metro. The level design varies from indoor maps like warehouses over jungle style and sandy dunes to a trashy industrial complex. You definitely won't get bored with this kind of assortment! The 100MB sized pack is worth a download and fun is already included!

  • mp_archive - FFA/TDM by NFS_GAMER
  • mp_bootcamp - Assault by LedZep
  • mp_cascades - Assault by LedZep
  • mp_chemical - Assault by Destroyer
  • mp_cubicles2 - FFA/TDM by Tomatoes
  • mp_diesel - Assault by Destroyer
  • mp_grand_casbah - FFA/TDM by Tomatoes
  • mp_helix - Assault by Beloved Monster
  • mp_hightide - Assault by LedZep
  • mp_landslide - Assault by Manglord
  • mp_metro - Assault by Destroyer
  • mp_pitfight - FFA/TDM by N gage
  • mp_temple - Assault by Manglord
  • mp_union - Assault by Destroyer
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