New MOD -Pacific Tide-

1945, WWII, The war in the pacific has escalated to its high point. Large scale invasions have begun all across the Japan island chain; the United States slowly makes its way to the mainland the heart of the conflict…Japan its self. The Japanese have held strong and there have been considerable casualties on both sides.

Pacific Tide MOD Homepage In an attempt to gain another foot hole in the march to Japan’s mainland the United States Marine Corps sends two platoons of marines to scope out and take the small island of Tokara, and use it as an outpost on the way to the larger invasion of Kyushu. The mission was to be a touch and go operation, where once the island was secure, landing crafts and building crews arrive and set up the outpost.

All together the marines’ mission was to take a maximum of 5 days. Upon 2 days after the platoons land they lost contact with command, 2 weeks later the brass became impatient……..In an attempt to reestablish contact the U.S. Army sends 2 chalks of Ranger Infantry, lead by Capitan Randy Dawson, and Lieutenant “Minute Man” Leroy, to the island to retrieve the marines and the island its self. The operation is given the name “Pacific Tide”