FarCry Sports MOD Video

Origin: CryMod.com
Yesterday I had the opportunity to get some more info about the multiplayer mod  "Far Cry Sports". Meanwhile the developer team joined the CryForce Entertainment and so can count on more support. The work on the overall 15 planned maps is proceeding quite well. Next to the already known settings like jungle or island the players have to face sand storms and tropical rain as well. The developer wants to add 4 gamemodes (Stunt, Drag, Race & LCS), but no further information about them is available at the moment. Also the vehicles you can race with in the mod are not announced and stay secret for now. Instead of releasing an alpha or beta version the team is fully concentrating on the final release which is planned for spring 2006. As a small demonstration what kind of new features will be included next to the many maps there is a 11MB sized video for download. It shows a pre-version of the Race-Blur-Effect which adjusts to the speed and should create a more realistic feeling of driving.

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