Obsidian Edge MOD: Patch 1.1 Infos

Origin: CryMod.com
The Polishing Weevils Mod Team is getting closer to completing patch 1.1 for their famous "Obsidian Edge Mod". Next to a lof of bug fixes on maps also some improvements regarding the ready-up mechanism and weapon balancing have been done. Let's hope for a release within the next weeks! For every OE fan who wants to play a few rounds with like-minded people can meet with them friday and saturday evening. Starting from 9:00pm (GMT -5) everyone who wants can join one of the numerous servers available and bring some friends as well. The serverlist can be found here. The complete changelog can be read by clicking on "Read More..."!

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- ObsidianEdge homepage Enhancements
  • New Ready-Up Mechanism - Players will be required to ready up before they can run around on a map. See It!
  • VIP changes - No more helmets on VIP's, and they now get a silenced MP5-SD.
  • Domination flags will now show on the map, including showing which team holds the flag.
  • Enabled scoreboard reload function (fixes messed-up scoreboard).
  • Weapons Changes:
    • MP5-SD changes - Tracers are now turned off on the MP5-SD.
    • New MP5-Navy (unsupressed) added.
    • New M4 SOPMOD added.
    • New M92FS pistol added.
    • Class Kit Loadouts have changed with additional weapons.

Bug Fixes

  • Map Download Progress Messages fixed.
  • Assault respawn bug due to repeating the map fixed.
  • Map Fixes:
    • Ghostown (Framerates)
    • Cliffside (Domination Flags)
    • Swamp Airfield (VIP mission)
    • Bridges Day (Viewdistance)
    • Caves (Domination Flags)
    • Bridges (Lighting back to original darkness)
    • Freighter (Missing Spawns)
    • Hangars (Ladder)