Broken Arrow MOD Alpha Version 0.1 released

After one year with a lot of ups and downs the CryForce Entertainment Team finally released a playable alpha version of their Mod "Broken Arrow". For the time being it is just a testversion but there is already a lot new stuff to look at. You can playe a complete mission which includes 2 new weapons, a new vehicle, new character models and a new german synchronisation. For now the team is totally concentrating on realizing the singleplayer and COOP modus. If, or when we can expect a multiplayer part can't be said at this point due to the fact that the team took over the development of the Starship-Troopers mod as well. In the near future the completely reworked homepage of the Broken Arrow Mod will be introduced. There you will find brandnew information, as well as screenshots and lot of other interesting stuff.

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