MP Balancing MOD -ProjectX v3.3- released

Since the last update of the multiplayer balancing mod only few weeks have passed, but it's still being workied on. Meanwhile it has been released as "ProjectX v3.3" and includes next to new bugfixes and multiplayer optimizations also a graphic & sound update. In cooperation with The D.O.G., who is developer of the K-9 Vision Mod, exactly these features have been added to the latest ProjectX version. Now even all multiplayer gamers can enjoy the beautiful graphics and sounds. Who doesn't feel comfortable with all the graphical update doesn't have to pass on the mod: DocSEAL created another version which only includes the script-updates. Both versions the ProjectX 3.3 EC (with Enhanced Content) with 200MB and the ProjectX 3.3 (Scripts only) with 7MB can be played together on one server. Furthermore there is an official forum about the mod available now. You can always get the latest information and screenshots there. The complete change log can be found here (click on "read more..." link at buttom):

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Important to know - the Mod has been checked by the crew and works properly!

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- download "ProjectX 3.3 - Scripts Only"  (7MB)
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  • Menu changes:
    - Removed the @ symbols from appearing in server brower filter list
    - Rcon now works for dedicated LAN server
  • Voting:
    - Majority passed votes now works properly
    - When voting to kick a player, the onscreen message lists their player's name instead of slot number
    - TK punish/forgive buttons now come up for TDM gametype (alpha)
  • Gameplay:
    - Merged most of K9 mod textures into this mod (alpha -EC only)
    - Merged some of K9 mod sounds
    - Scoreboard now properly displays ping
    - Using mix Original/K9 hud (alpha)
    - Sniper rifle run speed increased 25% from 2.7 (This is now only 25% less than 1.33)
    - M4 accuracy decreased from 2.7 (Now somewhere between 1.33 and ProjX 2.7)
    - Enemy names no longer appear on crosshair; only teammates
    - Added red dot in middle of sniper rifle scope
  • Known Bugs:
    - RL scope does not appear randomly
    - TK punish/forgive buttons still need work in TDM
    - C4 alignment incorrect on internet servers, but not LAN