Obsidian Edge MOD Server-side Patch released

Origin: CryMod.com
The guys of the Polishing Weevils Mod Team announced the release of a 80MB sized server-side patch for their "Obsidian Edge v1.0 Mod". These changes are for servers only and don't improve the clients at all. Servers running punkbuster will kick clients with this pak file. A new patch will come later which includes map fixes and much more for both servers and clients. To run the server without any problems be sure to have at least one map in the cycle set to minimum player count "1" or the server will hang. Following issues are addressed:

  • Assault always turns PreWar off. But the game will go to prewar if the minimum team count is not met (as it always did).
  • Voting by players is now fixed.
  • Autoready defaults to on (60 seconds).
  • Mapcycle variables enhanced they are now:
         - Mapname
         - Gametype (ASSAULT, FFA, LMS, VIP, DOMINATION)
         - Game Time Limit in minutes
         - Game Respawn Time in seconds
         - Maximum Deaths per player (0 = infinite)
         - Lockdown on (1) or off (0)
         - Minimum player count for map to run

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