MP Balancing Mod -ProjectX v2.7- released

 The multiplayer balancing mod "ProjectX" for FarCry has been released in version 2.7. The TK punish/kill system has been redone and now works properly. Besides that all neccessary files for hosting an own server are included as well. The mod is already running on one RayneServ server (new IP: As usual constructive feedback is welcome in the thread. A complete changelog can be found here:
  • Sniper rifle run speed decreased 50%
  • Server browser list:
    - Updated to comply with patch 1.33.
    - Removed patch filter
    - Added favorites menu (adds a profile called fav)
  • Server admin panel now public
  • Teamkill punish/forgive system added
  • Voting system added

    vote kickadmin paneltk punishadmin panel selections


Known bug: Have to hit escape twice to access TK forgive/punish buttons.

To start a dedicated server:

1) Use the provided projx_server.cfg
2) Make a shortcut with the target:

%Install Path%Far CryDedicatedServer.cmd "SProfile_run projx" "-MOD:ProjectX"

at the miniumum...add IP and port as needed.