The Cry Effect Promotial Video

If you always wanted to play the Far Cry singleplayer with new effects, graphics and weapons should check out "The Cry Effect" mod. Next to the already named features a lot of other extras like a matrix slow motion effect and new weapon sounds are included as well. The 80MB sized video, which was created by Highway aka. Sean from forums, only shows a small taste of what you can expect from this modification. A complete feature list can be found here:

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  • All new particle effects for explosions, bullet impacts and more
  • Heavy use of physics on particles, wind effecting smoke etc.
  • Shader based shockwave and heat bluring effects for particle effects like explosions and fire
  • All weapons have adjusted handling, ROF, screen shake, accuracy etc. Sounds are triggered per bullet not looped.
  • 7 new weapons featuring models and animations by Price and Takaro. In addition many weapons have added alt fire modes. (SIG SG-552 Commando, MicroUzi, Benelli M3, MP5k SMG, Beretta 96, M134 mobile minigun, Stun Baton)
  • Rescripted all original maps giving the new weapons to your enemies, you'll never know what you are going to face!
  • Matrix style slow motion with a key to toggle on and off
  • Dynamic lighting on bullet impacts
  • Completely reworked sound scripts. Different indoor and outdoor weapon sounds with realistic reflections, dynamic gunfire and explosion sounds regarding distance from the shooter. Most sounds replaced and many added, sprinting footsteps for example.
  • Mutants will begin to fight with each other if they are hurt by other mutants. Often you can start a fight then fall back and pick them off or just go around as they are killing each other.
  • Foliage gets effected by nearby muzzle blasts from weapons
  • Enemies will go prone if under heavy fire, along with other changes to behaviors
  • Powerful explosions can completely blow people to pieces leaving a mess behind
  • Dynamic adjustment of many "under-the-hood" quality settings to try keep the frame rate above 30fps without effecting visual quality. This is still in beta form and will need to be enabled from scripts to use.