FarCry Patch v1.33 - 32-Bit released

Origin: CryMod.com
Since now the new Far Cry Patch 1.33 32bit can be downloaded. The 21MB sized file includes following change log:
  • This patch supports 32 bit only.
  • This patch will update versions 1.31 and 1.32 to Far Cry 1.33.
  • Far Cry patch 1.33 contains all the fixes found in 1.32.
  • Fixed issue with extended characters in players names causing server crashes.
  • Included version checking so that only 1.33 clients can connect to 1.33 servers.
  • Resolved some online cheating issues.
For all server administrators one important message! If you don't have the possibility to install the patch directly on the server you just need to upload the to patch 1.33 updated complete bin32 folder and the new SCRIPTS.pak (can be found in FCData).

DOWNLOAD @ CryLand.com