MP Balancing MOD released

Within the last few days DocSEAL and his guys worked on a balancing mod for FarCry. It is named "ProjectX" and should improve the balance of the multiplayer a lot. Next to numerous optimizations and changes of the weapons also player classes of the assault mode have been over-worked and improved. Furthermore the ingame browser has some new helpful filters. To make you the 250KB sized mod tasty the team released a few ingame videos which show the new features. For example you will see the new hybrid wrench which now also deals damage to enemy players next to building up objects. Also the redone rocketlauncher the player can shoot with only in zoom mode has its small video. As further highlights the new grenade firing mechanism of the OICW and the sticky C4 of the engineer are presented. A small overview what the mod includes else can be found in the following list...

new ingame browser sticky C4 OICW nade firing mechanism AG36 nade firing mechanism

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- thread @
- download "ProjectX Mod" (250KB)
- download "fighting wrench video" (25MB)
- download "new rocket launcher video" (22MB)
- download "OICW nade firing mechanism video" (65MB)
- download "sticky C4 video" (40MB) Menu:
  • New server browser list with filters.
  • New class selection menu to add weapons.

In game:

  • Every weapon changed some more than others (weight, damage, accuracy, capacities)
  • New OICW nade firing mechanism similar to SP mortar. Cannot be fired unless zoomed in.
  • Sticky Explosive now replaced with C4 model that sticks.
  • Rocket Launcher damage increased, but velocity decreased. Cannot be fired unless zoomed in.
  • Wrench now has a melee attack (use alt fire to activate)
  • Grenades no longer spawn at ammobox. You have to pickup ammoboxes from kills to get more.
  • Engineer and sniper now have MP5 selectable in assault.


  • Run speed normal, but stamina increased 50%
  • Run speed is now more affected by weapon weight
  • Health and armor adjusted based on class-- grunt has most combined followed by engy then sniper.
  • Fall damage is reduced by 50% and also class adjusted.


  • Server and client optimizations for smoother gameplay.

This exe file just includes the client sided files. If you want to host a server (which is welcomed by the modding team) feel free to contact DocSEAL (Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!) and ask for them. At the moment already one server is running this mod. It's IP is: "ProjectX hosted by RayneServ". The team is looking forward to get some feedback from you in the forums.