Obsidian Edge MOD Veröffentlichung verschoben

Quelle: Fcry.de
Der nächste Release der Obsidian Edge Mod, der für den 01. August 2005 geplant war verschiebt sich um eine Woche, da noch etwas dazwischen gekommen ist. In der Zwischenzeit könnt ihr euch ja den Map Teaser Trailer downloaden, der vor kurzem veröffentlicht wurde. Well, as we approach our targeted release date, the good news is that we are within 48-72 hours of where we wanted to be at this point. The bad news is that my real life job has suprised me with a business trip this week, and is sending me out of town. Sometimes you just can't win.

With this development, one of our three options at this point has been eliminated. The three options were:

# Complete the work that's in progress and release the mod ASAP, a couple of days late.
# Release what we have and release a patch in a couple of weeks.
# Make sure it's done right, doing our best to release without a trailing patch.

Well, the business trip took care of the first option, since I won't be here to create the build and release it until next weekend. Not having my normal rig with me means I won't have the tools to do stuff on the road...and I hate the idea of releasing and then leaving town unable to support it. That left the second and third options.

Now I know that the game publishers have conditioned us to expect the second option when we buy games, but that doesn't make it the right thing to do. I'd rather take heat for being a week late than for putting out a bad release. Most publishers will do this in a heartbeat, but we won't (you know which ones I'm talking about).

So everyone's going to have to wait a week. That will allow us to pick up the couple of days we are behind, as well as make sure we're all here to support this thing once we give it to you. I know this is a bummer, but sometimes these things happen. And beta testers can still get the early release candidate...just look in the beta tester forums for the info.