FarCry Patch 1.33 & Informations

Origin: CryMod.com
Due to the many questions that appeared within the last few weeks about the problems with patch 1.32, online cheating and the future of Far Cry we decided to give you a little overview of our current work on Far Cry. These are the topics we will provide you some information on:

* Patch 1.33 32bit
* Patch 1.33 64bit
* Linux Dedicated v1.33
* FC 64bit Punkbuster support
* C++ SDK
Patch 1.33 32bit
Shortly after the release of patch 1.32, some annoying crashes on windows and linux dedicated 1.31 servers appeared. We started searching for the reason why a client with 1.32 could crash a server with 1.31 running immediately after we got informed about that problem. Thanks to the help of some very dedicated people from our community we where able to locate the problem after several tests and experiments. It was the ASCII extended characters in some players names which led both servers to crash. As some already may have noticed we currently run 1-2 test servers in the version 1395. This version is in a final test stage and will be released as soon as we finished all checks. Furthermore, some online cheating issues have been resolved and a new security update has been included as well. Now you have to retype your login name and password every time you want to logon to ubi.com. This may sound a bit unhandy but guarantees a higher security stage.

Patch 1.33 64bit
Now on to Patch 1.33 for 64bit. It is currently in development, but it still needs some time due to the fact that it has to be set up for the 64bit structure.

Linux Dedicated v1.33
After some testing we came to the conclusion that the linux dedicated crash has the same origin as the windows dedicated does. So the binaries for a news linux version are currently in a final test stage an will be available for you shortly after the release of the patch 1.33. This guarantees a stable linux build for both gameserver hoster and private users.

FC 64bit Punkbuster support
At the moment Evenbalance is working on a conversion of punkbuster on FC 64bit. Due to the fact that all necessary 64bit punkbuster files are available already it is just a matter of time when the FC 64bit version has official punkbuster support. A possible release date can’t be named yet, but both Crytek and Evenbalance are working in conjunction to resolve this matter as quickly as possible.

The long awaited C++ SDK is close to being released. After some intensive testing from our side and from some community guys the SDK will be available for you shortly after patch 1.33 release.

I hope that we could clarify the most important questions. Be excited of what you can expect in the near future ;)