Cerebrus Protocol Update

Quelle: Fcry.de
Nach etwas längerer Updatepause gibt es wieder etwas Neues vom Cerebrus Protocol Mod Team. So gibt es Screenshots der 3. Map namens Data an der noch gearbeitet wird. Außerdem wurde die Seite mit neuem Inhalt aufgewertet. Auf der neuen Cast Page erfahrt ihr mehr zu den Charakteren im Spiel. Zudem meldet sich Projekt Leader Stringed Evil zu Wort und erklärt warum der erste Release im Oktober nicht die komlett erste Episode enthalten wird.

Over the last few months our progress on CP: Episode 1 has been continuous but not as fast as we would have hoped for. The team came to the conclusion that we would not finish the entire episode one (which is 6 or 7 maps) to a high enough standard by October and therefore we would either move the release date into 2006 or release what we have in Oct.

We decided upon releasing map 6, rampage as a single mod/map in October. The map will feature many new weapons, interesting locations and of course the Trigen form which you play as for the majority of the level. The earlier maps, explaining how and why Bruce turned into this Trigen beast will be released at a later date, more than likely in 2006 and that is when episode 1 will be complete in full. 

Episode 2 of Cerebrus Protocol will have a further 6 levels, possibly more and the ability to morph into and out of trigen from, this is likely to be complete in summer of 2006.

e apologise for drawing this out so long but other than cutting out a lot of the coolest things about the mod there really isn't an alternative to this, we also want to get something out there for people to play and enjoy.