Year-3000 MOD News

New stuff from the "Year3000 MOD"! Next to a redesign of the page which is now in a total futuristic look where you always can get the latest news about the mod itself, you can see a very nice screenshot of the M5midge flying through a new designed level with its new created skybox and sunshader. But that's not all - to shorten the time of waiting for the upcoming prealpha a small action movie with 2.7MB in size is available for you. It shows the two gliders TSE500 and M5midge having a nice air combat. Currently 2 bombers are in development, the M10wasp and the TSE600. Both can carry 2 passengers, one gunner and one who is controling the vehicle. In the prealpha you will be able to fly 4 completed vehicles, use 2 different stationary guns and will play on one large TDM map.

M5midge Screenshot

Year3000 MOD - TGW 2 Action-Video DOWNLOAD @