ShensCoop MOD v1.0 & Wages of Fear MOD v1.0 released

Since yesterday already two new playable mini-mods are available for the community. First of all it is the "Shens Coop Mod" from our forum user Price. It is a kind of inofficial follower of the coop mod for FarCry which unfortunately doesn't work properly anymore since patch 1.3. In this mod you can play with up to 4 players through the available map UnderFactory and solve riddles. Of course you can choose between new weapons like the MP5K, the Colt Commando or the Beretta. As feared opponents you have to face the droids and xdroids from StarWars. The player has a new model called Commando. At the moment he is hard-working on the mod to provide you with new riddles, levels and models.

The second mini mod is named "Wages of Fear" and is a bit exceptional. The french Picasso-Team developed it as a class exercise, based upon the old french movie from H.G Clouzot. Basically you have to drive a humvee, loaded with nitro glycerin, through a very dangerous and with obstacles populated level without getting killed. As additional factor a steady lowering fuel gauge and a decreasing money bonus make it more exciting. At the moment this mod is available in french only, but an english translation is already  in development.

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