Jedi Timeline & X-Isle MODs News

Today we have new hot shots from two promising mods for you - The guys of the "Jedi Timeline MOD" just released new rendered pictures of the TIE Advanced and also Darth Vaders TIE. Besides that Saruman_23 takes a more active roll in the mod due to the fact that Timmay is busy with his real life. He wants to keep the page more up-to-date so prepare for new stuff on a regular base :)

Because the team around the "X-Isle MOD" is still working on its new homepage they want to shorten the time of waiting and posted 2 cool ingame pictures of their amazing looking raptors in action on their forum. Also the work on their Public Singleplayer Alpha v0.2 is processing quite good, but more details about it will follow soon.

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