Tacto MOD v1.5 avaible...

After the first release of the "Tacto MOD" about 2 months ago finally the new version 1.5 can be downloaded. The Subterfuge-Software Team fixed a few bugs, optimized the balancing and added a PDF-Manual as well as direct ingame help. A complete changelog can be found here:
  • problem solved when gold when gold falls in a crack and can not be picked up anymore
  • Assassin's sword has been made heavier
  • Rockets shoot faster
  • Version detection included which tells you if you are running an older version

The new download has a size of 13MB and is available as AutoInstaller and as a Zip-Version. You can play the mod on any assault map you want. But if you still want to play the original Tacto-maps you can find some of them in the links mentioned below.

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