Mercedes 208SE avaible

Most of you already may have noticed in the forums that OriK and Xezon from the marvelous Freestyle-Productions team finally released their oldtimer Mercedes 208SE. The 195 Km/H fast car has brand new body and chrome shaders, new lights at front and back, a full working exhaust and a new window damage concept. Be sure to have the latest DCL-version installed to get that car into your SandBox editor. Both the Mercedes and the DCL download can be found following the links below. Due to the fact that some of you have problems with the shader the guys will release a non-shader version of the car and the Azimut68 later.

And more news in form of a pretty nice special on, explaining what the DCL-Addon is, how it works and how to successfully get new vehicles (e.g. Azimut68 or Shelby Cobra) into an existent or newly created level in your SandBox editor. Unfortunately the special only is available in german so far.

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