UPDATED: TACTO MOD v1.0 released

You can't believe it but there's a new MOD avaible. It's called Tacto MOD. There're not only new game-modes, also there're new player-classes included. Furthermore there're four new/overworked Maps/Levels (MP_FTMcrae, MP_Rockcove_B4, MP_Forto & MP_Urbavo) or the complete Tacto MOD MapPack Beta1. Take a look at the features now:
  • New game type, Plunder: Steal the gold. Objective is to horde all the gold at one's own flag by stealing it from the enemy.
  • New game type, Survival: Long live the King. Players lose their crown by dieing or not killing before timer expires. Objective is to eliminate all enemy kings
  • New game type, Annihilation. Objective is to eliminate all opponents. Each player has set number of lives.
  • Existing gametype, Assault. One side conquers a flag while the other defends it.
  • Complex weapon weight system,
    Speed is based on class's basespeed, strength, and weight of equipment
  • Custom menu music, event sounds and killing spree sounds "Unstoppable..."
  • Fast drivable vehicles
  • Customized fall damage per class
  • 6+ maps designed for Tacto and all Assault maps work with new gametype

Class: Brute
Model: Mutant Krieger
Armament: DE .357, Ammo, P90, SAW
Extra: Night Vision

Class: Engineer
Model: Human with less vibrant color
Armament: DE .357, Ammo, M4, Wrench
Extra: Proximity Mines, Engy bombs (detonate when shot at)

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Class: Grenadier
Model: Medium mutant
Armament: Machete, DE 357, P90, OICW
Extra: Molotov Cocktail (Impact Grenade)

Class: Melee Medic
Model: Small jumpy mutant
Armament: Fists, Armor, Ammo, Health
Extra: Long Jump / Fly ability

Class: Mortar Mutant
Model: Large mutant
Armament: DE .357, mp5sd, Mortar, RL
Extra: keine/none

Class: Rifleman
Model: BioSuit Worker
Armament: Machete, PPKsilence, Shotgun, G3A3
Extra: Poison Grenade

Class: Suicide Scout
Model: Another normal human, less vibrant color
Armament: Machete, PPKsilenced, mp5sd, Fists
Extra: Atomic bomb grenade, Night Vision, Binocs

Class: Sniper
Model: Normal sniper with black bants, less vibrant color
Armament: Machete, PPKsilenced, SniperRifle, AutoSniper
Extra: Binocs, NightVision