UPDATED: TACTO MOD v1.0 veröffentlicht

Man kan es kaum glauben, da hat doch mehr oder weniger unbemerkt eine MOD das Licht der Welt erblickt. Und zwar die Tacto MOD. Von den Screenshots her sieht das sehr vielversprechend aus. Es gibt nicht nur neue Spielemodies, sondern auch neue Spielerklassen. Des Weiteren gibt es auch vier neue/überarbeitete Maps/Levels (MP_FTMcrae, MP_Rockcove_B4, MP_Forto & MP_Urbavo) oder das komplette Tacto MOD MapPack Beta1. Schaut euch mal die Features an:
  • New game type, Plunder: Steal the gold. Objective is to horde all the gold at one's own flag by stealing it from the enemy.
  • New game type, Survival: Long live the King. Players lose their crown by dieing or not killing before timer expires. Objective is to eliminate all enemy kings
  • New game type, Annihilation. Objective is to eliminate all opponents. Each player has set number of lives.
  • Existing gametype, Assault. One side conquers a flag while the other defends it.
  • Complex weapon weight system,
    Speed is based on class's basespeed, strength, and weight of equipment
  • Custom menu music, event sounds and killing spree sounds "Unstoppable..."
  • Fast drivable vehicles
  • Customized fall damage per class
  • 6+ maps designed for Tacto and all Assault maps work with new gametype

Class: Brute
Model: Mutant Krieger
Armament: DE .357, Ammo, P90, SAW
Extra: Night Vision

Class: Engineer
Model: Human with less vibrant color
Armament: DE .357, Ammo, M4, Wrench
Extra: Proximity Mines, Engy bombs (detonate when shot at)

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Download @ CryLand.de

Class: Grenadier
Model: Medium mutant
Armament: Machete, DE 357, P90, OICW
Extra: Molotov Cocktail (Impact Grenade)

Class: Melee Medic
Model: Small jumpy mutant
Armament: Fists, Armor, Ammo, Health
Extra: Long Jump / Fly ability

Class: Mortar Mutant
Model: Large mutant
Armament: DE .357, mp5sd, Mortar, RL
Extra: keine/none

Class: Rifleman
Model: BioSuit Worker
Armament: Machete, PPKsilence, Shotgun, G3A3
Extra: Poison Grenade

Class: Suicide Scout
Model: Another normal human, less vibrant color
Armament: Machete, PPKsilenced, mp5sd, Fists
Extra: Atomic bomb grenade, Night Vision, Binocs

Class: Sniper
Model: Normal sniper with black bants, less vibrant color
Armament: Machete, PPKsilenced, SniperRifle, AutoSniper
Extra: Binocs, NightVision