Ultraball MOD News

Origin: CryMod.com
Surprising news today! Maybe some of you can remember mods like the original SpeedBall or DeathBall for UT. Now a "ball mod" made it into FarCry called "Ultraball MOD". You haven't heard of it so far? Don't wonder why - the mod team has worked in totally silence and just today presented a nearly finished mod. The release is planned at the end of february, but  you can already see some promising ingame screenshots and a very cool teaser (Hardball MOD Teaser #1). If you want to find out more about the background of the mod you should read the following information:

"In the face of widespread civil unrest and rebellion, the dictatorship of Alvastan decides to emulate the emperors of ancient Rome and bring back an updated version of the gladiatorial games to calm and entertain the angry mob:
Ultraball is born. A brutal, full contact ball-game with players take directly out of the overfilled jails, political prisoners fight alongside murderers and petty thieves to win the ultimate prize of the Ultraball League: Freedom.

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