INC.orporated MOD News

Last time the guys from the "INC.orporated Mod" already impressed the users with their very cool and futuristic style screenshots and videos. Soon they'll hit alpha status and because of this they have prepared some new stuff for you: 6 new ingame videos of their characters (Epsilon and the GOV party) and an excellent melodic bunch of mp3 files including their theme and a lot of other ingame music. Their first multiplayer gametype will be Team Death Match with an included money management, several character classes and some other surprises that won't be named yet. They integrated the new characters and already customized them with features like different body volume, weight, speed (depends on weight and volume), etc.. So far the team has planned 18 character models (3 GOVs, 6 Corporates and 9 Epsilons), some of them already completely animated and ingame and also the sound design for maps and characters is progressing rapidly. There is a lot more information worth reading, screenshots and videos on their official website, so make sure to take a look at it as well.

click on image to download movie click on image to download movie click on image to download movie click on image to download movie

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