StarCry MOD News

Today we want to present you new screenshots and a video of a Singleplayer mod called "StarCry". On the rendered images you can see the Terran boat Hydra , the Halcyan blades of the hero you will play and the jet fighters Ranger and Shadow. For those who don't know anything about the mod yet, here a little summary:

"In StarCry you are an elite unit of the Halcyan army based in the Faln 12 solar system. You have the mission to visit the planet Gadoh’n to get back the Eye of Halcyia, an artefact put in a dangerous situation by the Terrans, seeking for resources they can exploit. To keep the existence of the Halcyans secret, you are alone on this tropical planet. But when you arrive on the planet, Terran defences chase you… The StarCry adventure begins! Besides 4 hours of immersive gameplay and constant action you will come across with 3 races (Halcyan, Terran and Skarith), weapons of different technologies, over 6 drivable vehicles and a lot more."

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As a little special the team released a cool ingame movie of the Terran boat Hyrda. For now only an official Forum is available, the homepage is under construction.