Obisidan Edge MOD

The Polishing Weevils are currently working on a new mod called "Obisidan Edge". It is a fast conversion Multiplayer modification with the goal to bring more tactical deepness, teamwork and realism into the Farcry gameplay. To achieve this they have a Ranger in their squad who is advising them with technical stuff and most of the team members are active FarCry players in several clans. Besides very nice camouflage textured models and the standard gamemodes Assault, FFA and TDM, the mod will contain a lot of other interesting and promising features... "Click on the Read more... Link for more infos!"

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  • Two new game types: Last Man Standing and VIP.
  • Bullet damage spin.
  • Walk speed, run speed and stamina revised.
  • Toggle the "show arms & weapon" view (server selectable).
  • Random spawn points can be turned on and allow four sets of spawn points to be selected randomly (server selectable).
  • Limited number of lives per player (server selectable).
  • Four classes of soldiers: Rifleman, Demo, Support and Sniper.
  • Kit selections and ammo load outs adjusted and are more realistic.
  • New weapons.
  • Night vision and binoculars are standard kit items
  • More realistic night vision.
  • Binocular motion tracking and sound enhancement is disabled.
  • Command map view.
  • Only teammates names show (server selectable).
  • Spectator mode is restricted to teammates only.
  • Lockdown mode prevents late joins to either team (server selectable).
  • Disable map cycle and replay current map (server selectable).
  • 18 all-new maps, plus 6 re-worked FarCry maps.
  • Integrated server control screen

At the moment they are testing the final alpha and if everything goes well a beta test will be started soon. If you want to sign up for it and test the new features just write an email to Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein! with the subject "beta test" that you want to participate. Further on a trailer will be finished within the next weeks that shows some of the features of the mod.