News from HARD MOD

Today the team of the "HARD Mod" provides a large update for you. They brought their media section up-to-date with tons of new screenshots including brandnew rendered weapons (Rambo Knife, SPAS-12, MSG-90) and cool vehicles like the MAKO transport boat, the R.A.T.T. buggy, the Fennek scout car and of course the cable car. Further on a few ingame screenshots of their just created maps called hard-crossover, hard-mohave, hard-mountain and hard-swamp can be found there as well. For those who don't know what this mod is about, here a little summary:

"HARD will be both, a Singleplayer and Multiplayer game, focused on mission objetives and team work. HARD stands for three things: Experience, Difficulty & Strength. When playing the mod, you will have two special forces teams to choose from: US or Rogue. The storyline behind HARD is a dark one, with a few open holes in a plot that can develop into a variety of twists and turns in both the SP & MP versions. The Multiplayer will be a round based, elimination/surviver mode called "Mission". This gametype is a heavily modified Assault mode with several objective types like VIP assassination/escort, demolitions, infiltrations and much more. The goal of the mod team is to provide an extremely versatile, scalable and intense tactical gamemode that will define the fun and tactical factor of the CryEngine for both players and level designeres alike."

If you like the previous screenshots so far and are anxious to test this mod you now can sign up for their upcoming beta test. Just check out the link mentioned below. More information about the story of the mod and a lot of other worth seeing shots can be found on the official homepage.

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