Evolution2042 MOD News

Origin: CryMod.com
Within the last few weeks the team of the "Evolution2042 Mod" has been expanded by 3 new members. Now, that everybody is working hard on models, maps, scripts etc. they released the first ingame Screenshots of their early New York map, the coop Irak and coop Harbour missions, including a load of new buildings and a dropship. The pictures are very alpha status, but already yet you can anticipate how the mod's promising future will look like.

click to enlarge click to enlarge click to enlarge click to enlarge For those who don't know the mod yet, here a little summary:

Evolution2042 is a Mod for FarCry and will include both a complete Singleplayer campaign as well as several Multiplayer modes and a lot of new maps and models. The story begins, compaing to the original end of FarCry, with the failure of Val and Jack. Krieger continues his bad experiments and finally let the mutants attack the humanity. Meanwhile we have the year 2042 and the war between mutants and humans is on its peak level. China and Japan have been conquered by Kriegers army, Russia is just a giant battlefield where mutants and humans fight against each other without any remorse and you as young CIA Agent are in the middle of it.