Patch for Jurassic Park MOD v0.0.9.5 to v0.0.9.8 avaible

A short time ago the guys from the "Jurassic Park MOD" released their first MP Alpha. Now, after a great many of bugreports they worked really hard, fixed a lot of stuff and script errors mainly regarding the Capture The Egg modus and finally released the first Patch updating the Mod to version Here a little abridgement from the patch log:

  • New multiplayer code for Capture The Egg (no lags anymore)
  • Respawn issue fixed
  • Jeep Wrangler: various model and texture fixes
  • Map jp_raptorcage: environment (lightning) fixed
  • Changes - Version - 05.01.2005
    - CTE: Playing sound on stealing an egg
    - CTE: Playing sound on capturing an egg
    - CTE: The enemy's egg is visible for the whole team on the radar
    - CTE: The "Egg-Carrier" can see the own base on the radar
    - CTE: New MP-Code for the egghealth (stop laggs)
    - CTE: Respawn-Cycle (like in Assault Mode)
    - CTE: Fixed respawn problems
    - Added Killicons for the new weapons
    - Assertion Bug fixed
    - Falcon Recoil
    - Jeep Wrangler: Fixed steering-wheel model and texture
    - Jeep Wrangler: Fixed bullet hole bug
    - Jeep Wrangler: Added spare wheel
    - Map jp_raptorcage: Fixed environments