Missile Attack v1.16 Beta (Public)

Hello CryLand!

We at FarCry Canada Resources have a bit of news for you.

Lance aka Bold_one has released for public Beta testing his latest creation for Single Player FarCry action SP Missile Attack STOP THE LAUNCH! Ver 1.16Beta. This is an incredible piece of work, with a great attention to detail, and plenty of action. While this is still in Beta and not a final release it is nearly of the quality of the Stock FarCry maps.

SP Missile_Attack is available from the Single Player section of the Download-Area, at FarCry Canada or here at CryLand.com. This map is a sequel to the Devil's_Coast map [developed by the same Author]. Devil's Coast is also being reworked to match the atmosphere and style of this latest creation so we will be looking soon to re-release the reworked version of that map as well.

SP Missile_Attack Screenshots Lance has worked long hours in the development of this sequel and his attention to detail, shows throughout the map.

Lance has included in Missile Attack new dramatic cutscenes to enhance the gameflow and keep the gamer immersed as they battle to achieve the objectives... Don't wait another minute... Get the Map ... Extract it into your FarCry levels folder. Start your FarCry game and type "/map Missile_Attack" in the console, and then be prepared for another seat gripping FarCry experience guaranteed to keep you in the game for hours of fraggin good fun!