Jurassic Park MOD v0.0.9.5 MP Open-Alpha released

The Jurassic Park MOD Version MultiPlayer Open-Alpha for FarCry Version 1.3 is avaible now.

This version includes the following features:
- Multiplayer Mode FFA, TDM und CTE (Capture the Egg)
- New Models abutted on the urassic Park movies
- 7 new Maps
- 2 new Weapons
- 1 new Vehicle

And this features will follow with one of the next versions:
- Singleplayer (Campaign seperated in several parts)
- Cooperative Mode for the Singleplayer
- More Multiplayer Modes (Survive, Invasion, T-Rex Run, Dino Hunting etc.)
- 12 new Weapons
- 8 new Vehicles
- Over 15 original-faithful dinosaurs