Wind of the War: Interview

Few days ago, a news of Tidus was on FarCry Expert to start a new mod... Now the mod begin to be very big ! I interview the leader of this new mod in order to know more about us :)

Extract :

FarCry Expert : Can you make a rapid description of your team and explain what is your mod ?

[WotW]Tidus : The mod have the chance in having a good team, for example we are 10 technicians, but we hope to increase this in order to give the best mod for the players. the contest of mod is not original, it's based on the second world war, on fronts of Europe and the Mediterranean. we try to do it in the best way. We work on aerial fighting, and land fighting. we incorporate civilians on maps to render the mod more realistic and agreeable to play. we are basing this on the fagreement of players, because it isn't our mod but theirs.

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