SDK 1.1 avaible

At last, the new FarCry SDK Version 1.1 is available now. This version includes some updates and the long wanted Max6/Maya6 CryExporter and Polybump Plugin. Additionally we have completed the AI Manual and two new script documents, cheers to the guys from Tea'N'Turtles. Click on more... to get detailed informations. CryENGINE MOD SDK for Far Cry Version 1.1 - Changes:

* updated physical properties.pdf
* updated AI Manual.pdf
* included ScriptObjectSystem.pdf
* included ScriptObjectGame.pdf
* converted all documents to pdf files

* fixed Maya5 Polybump plugin (evaluation mode was still on)
* fixed Maya5/6 Exporter problem (no physicalisation on static objects after exporting)
* fixed not working antialising in Maya5 Polybump plugin
* included Maya6 Polybump plugin
* included Maya6 CryExporter

3DS Max
* included Max6 Polybump plugin
* included Max6 CryExporter

Major issues that will be adressed in the next SDK release:
1. export of animated objects (.cga-files)
2. support for all playable character features
3. removing obselete parts of the exporter
4. Maya example files