-Yerlis- Statement to the Modding Scene

Faruk Yerli, Cevat Yerli, Avni Yerli
Since the launch of crymod.com we anxiously followed the constant growing of our mod community. We know that it has been a hard and challenging way for all of you and us to reach this state, but we are glad to see the community doing very well. We truthfully worked very hard to enable the fans of Far Cry to create the creations of their dreams. With crymod.com we will give all committed mod teams, and also those who will be in the future, the chance to present their work, enhance their knowledge and share it with people of their kind. The future of Far Cry lies now in yours as well as our hands and we are sure it will live long and prosper with the continuous growing number of mods and fresh, genius ideas you have. We, the Yerlis, want to welcome you all and wish you lots of fun, ideas and stamina.