NEW: SandBox Tutorials...

In Teamwork with

we have extended our FarCry-Editing Area with this section:

SandBox - Tutorials

These Tutorials are divided in different Areas, called Sections. With use of this Tutorials you can extend your map. Note: Not all content is avaible in english!

Following are the avaible Sections:
1. Grundwissen & Basics

2. Komplexere Aufgaben

3. Objekte - Objects

4. Databaseview

5. Ãœbersicht - Overview

6. Video - Tutorials

7. Sonstiges - Misc

More infos you'll find here, in the Tutorials-Overview.

We have put these Tutorials in coperation with online, so they're avaible for more peoples. "The Tutorials are really good and should be made to everyone accessible...", so our unanimous opinion.