MP_ActionBay v1.0 Map/Level released...

Now I have finished my ([4thD]WarpSpeed) MP_ActionBay Version 1.0 Map/Level for the FarCry Mehrspieler Mode.

This is a map for the FFA (Free For All) & TDM (Team DeathMatch) Mode of Far Cry. Tested with the english/german Version 1.1 of FarCry.

This map is optimized for min. 10 - 32 Players. Of course it's a big map but you always have a good overview and it's very fast (no Lags). There're enough weapons (every weapon min. 2 times), Armory, Health and Vehicles. Give the map 30 minutes before you "vote" about it/her. There're some, sometimes hidden "Gimmicks" to explore/find ;-).

More screenshots you'll find in the description of this download and when you click on the more... Link under this News!

Your opinion is important for me/us... please post your comment(s) in this Forumentry.