Dedicated-Server-Guide -ENGLISH-

This exclusive for Dedicated-Server-Guide in English will help you setting up a Far Cry Server (on a Windows System) for the Internet. With these instruction’s/tutorial, „everyone“ should be able to setup an server.

I’ve split this Dedicated-Server-Guide into eight parts/steps.
Step 1 (Creating a Dedicated server profile)
Step 2 (Creating a Dedicated server shortcut)
Step 3 (Advanced Setup/Tunning)
Step 4 (Setup & using the mapcycle/maprotation feature)
Step 5 (Setting up the server config file)
Step 6 (Remote Control Guide)
Step 7 (Server-Commands)
Step 8 (Other usefull informations…)

Note: You need Adobe Acrobat Reader Version 6.0 to view/open this document!