UPDATE: Pure-Realism MOD v1.1

Pure-Realism MOD - This Mod was created and testet for FarCry Version 1.1. It's compatible with the US, UK and the (indicated) german version. It can't be guarantee that it works properly with version 1.0 of FarCry. Features of this MOD... click on Read More.... Features of this MOD:
-) Desert Eagle (Falcon) 9 bullets per magazine.
-) Autofire removed from Desert Eagle. (You have to press the trigger for each shot.)
-) AG36 grenadelauncher higher fireingrange.
-) OICW 30 bullets per clip.
-) OICW Zoom also in "secondary firemode" possible (grenadelauncher).
-) M249 SWA 200 bullets per clip.
-) Mutant Rockets higher velocity.
-) Enemy AI will recognize shots from further distance.
-) Pickups (Ammo, Weapons, Medipacks) were adapted to match for weapon magazine sizes.
-) All weapon fireing ranges were tweaked (increased).
-) Smoketrail from all grenades removed.
-) Firerate increased for mounted MiniGun.