CryModification v0.2.1 & Realistic MOD v0.2

Two new MODs (Modifications) for FarCry (Singleplayer-Demo) are avaible. They called: CryModification Version 0.2.1 and Realistic MOD Version 0.2. You'll find them into our Download-Archive - FarCry Section under SP-DEMO.

- Modelviewer: Characters & Models can be viewed in 3D
- If your legs are hit you will walk slower
- No crosshair
- You will die if your head is hit
- You cant mark enemys on the radar
- MP5: Sound added
- Removed smoke from grenades
- Rockets have ballistics now
- Two new video options
- Third-Person view added
- Ingame Map Editor
- Buggy is better to handle now
- New difficulty mode "Godlike" added
- Quicksave/Quickload added
- Weapons overworked

Realistic MOD
Changes to Version 0.1/0.2:
- AW50 has no tail anymore
- The BootMG shots faster now
- Targeting of the MP5 and P90 improved
- Imroved strength of the MP5
- Birds flying faster
- and mutch more...