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Thema: Gebäude und zerstörbare Objekte

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    soweit ich weiß ist FarCry mit dem 64 bit patch dann auf stand 1.3.
    Es fehlt ein 64 Bit patch für den neusten Patch, 1.33.
    Was Städte betrifft, naja das wird sicher kein großes Prob für die Engine, Jungel ist der detaillierteste Bereich der Erde .

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    Und auch für den Bereich Objektzerstörbarkeit und erstellen im Editor gibt es neues:

    1) Please explain in as much detail as possible how some of the destructible elements in Crysis / CryEngine2 actually break...

    We have three different ways of breaking in the Sandbox.

    1. procedural breaking
    2. jointed objects
    3. pre broken objects

    1. Procedural breaking

    In this technique we are using direct physicalized render geometry. There are no extra proxys which would make this method very heavy on physic performance. It’s used for glass and trees. We define a subtract object which will be subtracted from the object placed in level. This object is also giving the mapping and material details for what the cut is.

    2. Jointed objects

    A Jointed Object contains different sub objects which are held together by joints. Joints are helper objects which give strength information for the connection at this point of the object. After breaking a joint you could also define pieces which will displace the old object. You can also joint procedural breaking objects.

    3. Pre broken objects

    Pre broken objects consist of main part, remain part and pieces. The main part has health. If health is over, the pieces and the remaining part is spawned. This is a more or less historical object class. We try to avoid this kind of breaking object and rebuild it with jointed versions instead.

    Qelle: Crysis-Online

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