Ok nicht ganz das was ich suchte aber auch extrem nützlich für erstellen von Objekten:


What are the texture resolutions for weapons, character, etc. in Crysis?


Weapons 1024x1024; Character head: 512 x 512 to 1024 x 1024; Character body: 1024 x 1024; Attachments: 1024 x 1024.

A general rule should be that you do not extend 170 to 190MB for the targeted Spec including mesh geometry. The last 60 MB (256 – 60 = 196MB) will be used for dynamic textures (shadow maps).
You should therefore divide the available amount by the assets you want to show in the level.

A good advice is to keep the numbers of different materials per object very low and put more polygons into the object. The graphic card can a) handle polygons much better than loading different textures and b) can give you much more detail with lower memory consumption.

Quelle: http://www.obsidianedge.net/index.ph...d=93&Itemid=48