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Thema: Crysis Weekly Update #12

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    Ausrufezeichen Crysis Weekly Update #12

    Zitat Zitat von Crytek
    Crysis Weekly Update #12

    Crysis Weekly Update #11
    Greetings Community!

    Welcome to the “Crysis Weekly Update #12”, an official status report from Crytek to the world-wide community in order to get you up-to-date on the progress of various Crysis related topics.

    Today we have some important news about the future of the Crysis Weekly Update. In addition we update you on the upcoming CryENGINE2 documentation and the last stage Multiplayer part of the Intel / Crysis Mapping Contest.

    Crysis Weekly Update becomes Crysis Monthly Update
    When we started writing the Crysis Weekly Update back in January this year, we had quite a lot of things to tell the community, mainly about the development of Patch 1.2. With the release of this patch the weekly update also featured other Crysis related topics such as the Mod SDK, Dedicated Server, Anti-Cheat Protection, our Crysis Outtakes video series and of course the match Crytek vs. Community.

    Now we have come to another point where the content of the weekly update changes slightly. The Crytek Multiplayer Dev Team started working on a longer term project for Crysis. It is definitely related to Multiplayer, Patches and the ongoing Crysis Multiplayer support, but it is too early to reveal more bits and pieces at this stage.

    Thus we decided to turn the Crysis update from the devs into a monthly version from now on. This will provide us more time for gathering enough information, news and assets exclusively for you and sending them out in one great Crysis update per month.

    So keep your eyes open for the first Crysis Monthly Update in May and get ready for some very interesting news.
    Related Links:
    - Komplette Nachricht
    - Forenthread @

    Upcoming New CryENGINE2 Documentation
    We also got some great news for all the Crysis modders out there. This Friday we are going to release a huge update to the CryENGINE2 documentation provided on

    Sandbox2 Editor Documentation
    The documentation for the Sandbox2 Editor probably receives the biggest update that includes brand new tutorials for you to read through. Additionally we will upload a whole bunch of new references that help you understanding several aspects of the editor itself and its respective tools. And we are also going to re-work some of the already available tutorials to make them more accessible and easier to understand.

    Asset Creation Guide
    We also got an update to the Asset Creation Guide that is meant to be used in conjunction with the Crysis Mod SDK and covers various topics regarding asset creation, installing CryTools and using these together with modeling programs and the Sandbox2 Editor.

    Video Tutorials
    And last but not least we have a few new video tutorials in production already which we will release within the upcoming days. At the moment we are evaluating the feedback from the community in the respective thread which helps us to create a new list of video tutorials we will produce next. So if you have a request for a specific tutorial just place your post there and we will make sure it finds its place on our to-do list.

    Intel / Crysis Mapping Contest – Final Stage for Multiplayer Levels
    Yesterday the community voting for the Multiplayer levels that have been submitted for the Intel / Crysis Mapping Contest ended. For about two weeks every community member who was a registered user on had the chance to rate their favorite map(s) according to three available criteria that have been:

    • Intel® Performance & Logo visibility
    • Fun and Gameplay
    • Creativity

    Now that no further votes are possible the contest turns into the last phase which is the jury voting and determining the winners.

    The Finalists
    About 40 maps for both categories that are PowerStruggle and InstantAction have been submitted. First of all we want to congratulate everyone who successfully participated in this contest. It has been an exciting and also stressful time for everyone who created a map and we highly appreciate the effort you have put into this.

    Based on some issues we have encountered with the voting system we decided to take all maps from each category and do a completely separate rating of the top10 finalists by the jury members. This will provide a fair chance to everyone who submitted a map to win one of the outstanding prizes our partner Intel has provided.

    Following you will find a list of the accepted maps for the jury voting:

    Power Struggle
    Map Name Author
    Anguish =TFD= Osok
    The Village Kenturrac
    Orangrey Orangrey
    Kindred Lands KoolJ
    CuteCatCliff Walter85
    HighPS Exer
    Turbine Codename 22
    Project: 800 ToiletTrooper
    Intelligence zygurt
    PS_Deadwater cyp01nt
    PS_Airfield et_fone_home
    PS_NesHEm BiGmasta
    Reclamation closedcasket
    El_Alamein_D1 GameFrame
    Canyon raizde2
    BattleBulge TAW_Luger
    Shaq_06_PS shaq

    Instant Action
    Map Name Author
    6X Doggfather
    Abyss Aaron Morse
    Battle in the Swamp tda
    Borderline michi:be
    Deathroom raizde2
    Factory_tor TOR
    GOLD Walter85
    IA_Illusion1.2 crimson66
    Iceworld Saob
    Lazy cat
    Red Planet Jodas1
    Resort Dangerdog
    Slope SirRobs
    Snipermap chrysis
    Sun Eara PeX_MaChin3
    Tequendama_Falls Atlas
    Terminal Velocity stevens3
    TerranJungle Brookin
    Tree of Life DanJ
    Tropica Badas
    Weee ltmatt
    Whitehouse Duruk

    Upcoming Jury Voting
    Now a jury comprising representatives of Intel, Crytek, EA Games, the Crysis pre-SDK Mod Teams, the major gaming leagues ESL, EAMasters, ClanBase, InCrysis and the Crysis Teams [00] and Epsilon (former GT) will score these maps according to precise criteria and name the winners of the assignments in each category, Multiplayer – InstantAction and Multiplayer – PowerStruggle.

    On April 29th, 2008 the winners of the different assignments for each category will get announced and the prizes will get handed out. For more information about the different assignments and the available prizes follow one of the links below:

    Intel / Crysis Mapping Contest: Prizes web site
    Intel / Crysis Mapping Contest: Assignments web site

    So that’s it for the twelfth Crysis Weekly Update from Crytek! We hope you enjoy the information and thanks for your continued support. Do not miss the next Crysis Monthly Update in May! ?

    - Crysis Dev Team
    Zur Info... .
    Greetings... WarpSpeed FORENREGELN/FORUMRULES

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    Ist ja cool mit den Maps....Danke an Crytek
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    Danke warpspeed.
    Sind wieder gute News.
    Find es ein bisschen schade, dass dasd Update jetzt
    nur monatlich kommt, aber dafür wird es um
    einiges mehr sein an Informationen. Und das ist dann
    wieder gut.
    Freu mich schon drauf.

    Was ich vermissen sind Informationen über den Patch 1.3.
    Tja, kommt halt dann erst zum monatlichen Update.

    Danke Crytek.

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    jo, vllllllllll gibs ja dann scho ma was zu crysis 2.. den wie foofi schon gesagt hat: das wird shcon größtenteils fertischhh sein!!

    die news selber finde ich nun nicht so ineteressant^^
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    MittelFranken :)


    Verlesen, oder gibts keine Outtakes mehr???

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    Zitat Zitat von Bies Beitrag anzeigen
    Verlesen, oder gibts keine Outtakes mehr???
    Die gibt es nicht mehr. Letzte Woche war das letzte.

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    Jo danke an Warpspeed.
    Der RLS war ja heute erst um 19Uhr! Bin eben erst wieder zuhause angekommen! Danke das du die News usw. geschrieben hast!

    Joa recht gute Infos!

    Naja wird halt aus Weekly Monthly auch ok!
    Aber bitte ken Yearly! xD

    Zitat Zitat von Bies Beitrag anzeigen
    Verlesen, oder gibts keine Outtakes mehr???
    Das hat Alex schon letze woche geschrieben!
    greetings Kolga
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    ist doch i.o. so, was sollen bzw. wollen die jungs auch immer berichten.
    ich hoffe nur dass der patch 1.3 sich lohnen wird.

    neue maps und ein TDM bzw. CTF modus würde mir noch gefallen.
    ich denke nach 1.3 wird so schnell sicherlich kein patch mehr rauskommen.

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    Zitat Zitat von Kolga Beitrag anzeigen
    Naja wird halt aus Weekly Monthly auch ok!
    Aber bitte ken Yearly! xD
    Das hat Alex schon letze woche geschrieben!
    Monthly ist meiner Meinung nach auch etwas übertrieben... Man kann das ja auf unbestimmte Zeit lassen und berichten, wenn man möchte. Das mit den geplanten Mitteilungen klingt für mich etwas gezwungen. Klar, das Weekly Update war für die ersten Patches vorgesehen. Das Spiel ist schon lange draußen.

    Ich hoffe einfach, dass es Infos zu der/n Fortsetzung/en gibt.

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    Was ist nu eigentlich mit dem Linux didicated-Server?

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