E3: Crysis at E3 & E3 2K6 On stage Demo Video

E3 2006

Microsoft Press Conference
Tonight at E3 Microsofts held a press conference! In this conference MS shows there XBOX360 and many games for it. Also they showed a MS Vista presentation, which is not illegitimate!

The best is, that in this presentation, they also showed Crysis! Yes, Crysis! This video shows some parts of the E3 Demo and it's revisualized by "Chris Donahue"!

You can see the really amazing InGame graphic and many more.

But I don't want to take your anticipation, just check out the movie and see it with your own eyes!
The Crysis part starts at Timecode (in the video): 45:25


The second link directs to a E3 Demo video of Crysis.

Microsoft Press Video (110MB) @
E3 2K6 On stage Demo Video (FLV - 36MB) @
E3 2K6 On stage Demo Video (WMV - 36MB) @

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